Please explain which aspects of Aristotle's philosophy influenced Renaissance literature.

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Because Aristotle had been so important to St. Thomas Aquinas and late medieval Roman Catholic theology, many Protestant countries looked upon his work with a certain degree of skepticism, seeing Aristotelianism, like Roman Catholicism, as a matter of taking on faith abstract speculations. The area in which Aristotle continued to be studied were logic, rhetoric, poetic, and ethics. Aristotle's theories of poetics were less important for Renaissance drama than they were for the 18th century, but a synthesis of Aristotle and Horace was often applied by critics to notions of poetic decorum. Many of the Renaissance poetic teaching manuals, such as Peacham, Puttenham, and Ascham were influenced by a mixture of Aristotle, Horace, and Cicero (and ps.-Cicero, Rhetorica ad Herennium), especially in their discussions of figures and tropes.