Please explain and analyze these two quotations from Doctor Faustus? Good Angel Sweet Faustus, think of heaven, and heavenly things. Bad Angel No  Faustus, think of honour and wealth.  

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The two angels, one representing God and the other representing Lucifer, the Devil, are both trying to convince Faustus to come to their side in the conflict for his soul.

The Good Angel has already pleaded with Faustus to give up the terrible things he has said and is saying he will do after giving his soul to the devil. Faustus has said he will "build an altar" to Belzebub, the devil. The Good Angel is begging him to not say such things, but to fill his mind with pure thoughts "of heaven, and heavenly things."

The Bad or Evil Angel reminds Faustus of all the worldly things he will gain if he makes his deal with the devil. Faustus will be able to ask for and get all the wisdom and riches and honor he wants if he will only give up his body and soul. The Bad Angel encourages him to consider what his life would be if he had all that material gain.

As the two angels leave Faustus, your quotations are their parting comments.

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