How does language reinforce context in a work of literature?

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A study of Aristotle's rhetorical triangle will help you to understand the connection between language and context (as well as the influence of gender on language).  Aristotle's triangle consists of three points: pathos (emotion), logos (ideas), ethos (manner/credibility). Each of these points influences each other and the overall effectiveness of the message. These "points" or "persuasive appeals" are also influenced by the "context" of the situation otherwise known as the occasion.  If the occasion was a birthday party speech for an eighteen year old, the language chosen to convey sincere good wishes would be different to that of a eighty-year old grandfather. Appeals to emotion would differ because of the context of the situation. Appeals to logic through facts and ideas shared would be different, as would the chosen speaker (young, old, male or female) and the method of delivery.  This is how context and speakers influence language. The link below will visually illustrate the above explanation.