Please enumerate the personages in John, chapter 1,  New Testament.

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The persons in John Chapter 1 are John the Baptist, the Jews, the Levites, the priests. The Jews ask John if he is Elijah, and he replies “No” but Elijah does not appear in the chapter as he is dead by this time. John the Baptist quotes Isaiah, but the prophet Isaiah is also dead at this time. The Pharisees are mentioned as having sent people to question John the Baptist. Jesus appears in this chapter. He comes to the water to be baptized by John the Baptist. Andrew and Simon Peter are mentioned. Jesus renames Simon Cephas, translated as Peter. Jesus chooses two other disciples in this chapter, Philip and Nathanael. Another Old Testament figure that is mentioned is Moses, but he does not appear as he is already dead. Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, is also mentioned, but he, too, has already died.