Please discuss three strategies for working with gifted individuals and give specific examples to support your discussion.

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This is a good request. Let me give you some thoughts on working with gifted individuals. 

First, you should make the material suited to the level of the giftedness of the person. For example, if you are working with a gifted person in math, then make the math challenging. Making things too easy will bore the individual. 

Second, you should try to place that gifted person with other gifted people. There is something important about having peers that are on the same level of intelligence. A peer to challenge you is an excellent way to learn. 

Third, individual attention is also an important strategey for two reasons. First, individual attention will make your interaction with that person perfected suited for that person. Second, in a teacher/student relationship, the relationship itself is also important, which individual attention offers. In a word, there is a level of trust that is formed, which can be a big boon to learning. 

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