Describe what happens to Kit while she is on trial in "Witch of Blackbird Pond".What happens to Kit while she is on trial for being a witch?

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Kit is brought before the Magistrate for an inquest to determine if she should be brought to trial in Hartford.  The proceedings begin with a reading of the charges against Kit, after which she is questioned as to her relationship with Hannah Tupper.  After it is established that Kit had indeed befriended the old woman in defiance of her Uncle's orders, various citizens come forth with outrageous complaints of witchcraft purportedly executed by Hannah and Kit.  Outraged, Matthew Wood offers to vouch for his niece's character, but his credibility is undermined because it has already been shown that she has deceived him by continuing her visits to Hannah.  Goodman Cruff then steps forward with what he thinks is damaging evidence, a copybook with his daughter's name written repeatedly on it, as if for a spell.  When asked to explain the copybook, Kit refuses, not wanting to involve the child in the proceedings.

Because of her refusal to cooperate, Kit is about to be remanded to trial, when Nat Eaton appears with Prudence Cruff.  Prudence tells the court that it is her writing in the copybook, and that Kit has also taught her to read.  To the astonishment of her father, who has believed his wife's assertions that the child is witless, Prudence proves that she can write her name, and reads from the Bible before the assembly.  The court finds "no evidence of witchcraft", and the charges against Kit are dropped (Chapter 19).

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