Please describe several prose forms in Indian Literature.

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Prose forms are forms that use ordinary language and depend upon the natural flow of language. Prose, unlike poetry, does not depend upon the adherence to forms more typically assigned to poetry. Structure is not a main element of prose given it constricts the writing too much (if form outweighs the text's message itself).

There are many different prose forms found in Indian Literature.

The earliest works of Indian Literature are called Vedic literature. These texts were based in religion (Hinduism) and the most well-known is the Vedas. Again highlighting Hindu was Classical Sanskrit. These texts are/were important given they standardized grammar and phonetics for later use.

Both Assamese and Bengali literature highlighted songs and hymns from the 8th through the 12th century.

Outside of Indian cultural, one of the most well-known Indian writers was Gandhi. Gandhi wrote in Gujariti. Gujariti was/is a movement which emphasized new values and simplification.

Overall, the entire body of Indian Literature is very vast. While some of the texts are examines and revered for their historical and religious aspects, others are revered for the way that they changes the lives and mentalities of the Indian people.