Please describe in one sentence the painting Ginevra de Benci by Leonardo DaVinci and use these elements (please remember use one sentence): line, color, texture, form, and space.

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Including all the elements of art in one sentence is tough, especially when observing Da Vinci's Ginevra de Benci.  I will give you one sentence, but then explain it in depth afterwards.  Here is my best attempt:

Leonardo Da Vinci's famous Renaissance painting Ginevra de Benci encompasses all of the elements of art, each a masterpiece in itself:  line (with a huge amount of variance involved with some straight, such as in the juniper tree, and some curvy, such as in the hair of Ginevra, and all extremely thin), color (in contrast to the blue of the sky that seems to recede, the main focus of the portrait done in warm primary colors tends to "pop out" at you), texture (varied by using very small brushes to achieve the lines in the hair while a smoothing fingertip technique produced the flawless skin of Ginevra), form (intrinsically biomorphic with all elements of the painting from life with absolutely nothing geometric of machines or buildings), and space (the background being a natural...

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