Please describe the differences between Lincoln as a president and Jackson as a president.

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The most fundamental difference between the two presidents is the context in which they served their terms.  Jackson served (1829-1837) his term as a time of relative peace and prosperity while Lincoln (1861-1865) presided over a nation divided and at war. 

Jackson was a wealthy southern planter who ran as a populist.  Lincoln was a prominent lawyer from Illinois who ran as the first presidential candidate of the new Republican party.  Jackson had been a general, and was a rough man of the frontier who had personally killed other men in duels.  Lincoln was also a product of the frontier, and had served in the militia, but he was politically savy and shrewd.

Both men wielded a strong hand with presidential power.  Jackson fended off the first secession crisis with South Carolina, and ordered the Cherokee tribe to be evicted from their land.  Lincoln freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclimation, and waged a decisive war against the south.

Jackson waged war on the national bank, while Lincoln used the federal goverment as strategically as possible to save the Union. 

Jackson's presidency was mired in personal controversy surrounded the legitimacy of his marriage, and his involvement in duels.  To many at the time Lincoln was unpopular, but his personal life was free from scandal, but not tragedy.  Unlike Jackson, Lincoln's presidency ended with his assassination in 1865.

revolution | Student

Abraham Lincoln, born in February 12 1809, was the 16th President of the United States of America from March 1861, while Andrew Jackson. born at March 15, 1767 was the seventh President of United States of America from 1829-1837. and his powerful political ambition helped mold the roots of the later Democratic Party.

He was a self-educated person, who at a young age worked as a county lawyer, an Illinois state layer and also as a constituent body of the United States House of Representatives. He was also the Republican candidate fighting for presidential election. He was a very open and outspoken men, and plays a pivotal role in fighting for the inclusion of  slavery in US. He also served in the military force, and was once a captain of the army. He was said to be tall and also an intimidating figure, invoking fear among people. He was known to be a formidable adversary during his tenure in the law sector, an aggressive lawyer who was well respected and well-liked by his peers.

On the other hand, Andrew Jackson was also an outstanding lawyer in  Tennessee when he was young. He also took part in the army and was an special national hero of his time when he defeated the British at New Orleans, ranked as colonel.

During their presidential period, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emanicipation Proclaimation policy to free slaves from the Confederation, and also waged a crucial war with the South. On the other hand, Andrew Jackson also ignited a war with a national bank in America, who vowed to "fight" against him, to maintain peace and harmony, even if violence ensured.

But sadly, they have different fates. Lincoln was assasinated by John Booth, an actor who thought that he was helping the South (he was wrong) and so shot him at Ford's Theatre. Jackson was known for starting fights with other people, had a few scandals hear and there.


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