Please describe the characters Editha and George individually and then in relation to one another.

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Editha is a rather naive young lady who doesn't appear to know much about the world around her. She gets most of her opinions from the scurrilous newspapers that peddle a daily diet of jingoism and crass sensationalism. As a result, she thinks that war's nothing but an awfully big adventure, with guts and glory aplenty. She doesn't have the faintest inkling of the death, destruction, and suffering that it involves.

This naive attitude to war affects her relationship with George. She doesn't value him for himself; to Editha, he's only as a means of fulfilling her romantic fantasies. For his part, George is a good deal more rational and worldly than his girlfriend, but still allows himself to be inveigled into the war against his better instincts. This would appear to suggest that George and Editha's relationship is a co-dependent one. George feels he has to do everything to please Editha, even if it means compromising his principles, even if it means risking death to satisfy her romantic...

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