Please describe action and author's use of details.

epollock | Student

In "Soldier’s Home" Hemingway is not describing actions as much as Krebs’s displacement from battlefield to home. The details are therefore not extensive, being confined to no more than are essential and elemental (e.g., "he was sleeping late in bed," and so on). Some of the repetitive phrases and sentences sound almost childish, so easy are they (e.g., "He learned that in the army" [paragraph13]). Hemingway introduces adjectives and adverbs only sparingly, in keeping with the spare nature of Krebs’s life at home. The descriptions are only minimal, and are not vivid. There are no details about the battles that Krebs experienced, for example, and we learn no more about them than that he was there. The last paragraph (paragraph 95) presents a number of specific details together with abstractions to convey Krebs’s uneasiness. He is not an articulate person, and hence the statements "none of it had touched him" and "It had gotten going that way" are as vague to readers as they must be specific to Krebs. "Before he got away" suggests that Krebs considers life in the Oklahoma city as being like a prison, and this view applies also to life in the United States generally.