Please define: Expository essay, prewriting, supporting paragraph, concluding paragraph, refelective essay, Academic writing, Brainstorming

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jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What you have here are words that fall into two categories:  types of writing, and parts of an essay.

Types of Writing:
Expository essay - an essay that explains an opinion or situation
Prewriting - a process of generating ideas or organizing thoughts before beginning an actual piece of writing
Reflective essay - an essay in which the writer thinks back on an experience or makes a reflection (re-states his or her thoughts) about some event or situation
Academic writing - this is writing that is formal and used in or for school
Brainstorming - the process of quickly jotting down ideas onto paper about a particular topic

Parts of an Essay:
supporting paragraph - This is a paragraph after the introduction (in the middle of the essay) that contains details that support the thesis of the essay.
concluding paragraph - This is the final paragraph in an essay that wraps up the statements and ideas presented in the essay.