What is the nature of dramatic verse in highlighting the characters and the plot in Macbeth?

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Shakespeare is well-known for using blank verse -in iambic pentameter, being lines that follow a "de dum,de dum rhythm-  but also prose and even rhyme in establishing his characters.  Macbeth explores various options in establishing a rhythm and Shakespeare is a master at creating drama, passion and revealing his characters' personalities through the use of poetry:

  paying attention to characters who suddenly break into rhymed verse, or who slip into prose after speaking in blank verse, will heighten your awareness of a character’s mood and personal development.

 Shakespeare chose his rhyme schemes purposefully and it is no oversight that the witches speak in rhyme, for example:

 Fair is foul, an foul is fair:

 Hover through the fog and air.

There can be no mistaking that Shakespeare, who introduces the witches first in Macbeth, chose to intensify their characterization by using rhyming couplets when they appear. This increases the pace and adds to the...

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