Please compare and contrast "The Yellow Wallpaper" and "Story of an Hour."

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You have a lot of really good material here from which to write, which is where I assume you're going with this.  The idea of woman subjugated to man is clear and well documented here.  I would only add that both female protagonists have sisters who also try to protect them from their realities; this adds an interesting twist to the purely male dominion idea so prevalent in both works.

Clearly there is ample scope in comparing the position of women in both of these stories, and in particular the way that they are oppressed or subjugated by other males, particularly their husbands, even though their husbands often want to do what they feel is best for them. This leaves both tales open to examination in terms of the issue of patriarchy and how often women are its victims. You might want to explore further the liberty which both women gain, however fleetingly, and compare that to the role that the husbands and males in general play in the story.

You have lots of great points in the above...

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