Compare and contrast the character of Simon Legree in Uncle Tom's Cabin with the slave trader Haley.

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simon Legree is the owner of a Louisiana plantation, Tom's last. Legree is greedy. He is evil and cruel. On his plantation he beats his slaves daily. They are not fed well. They are overworked. He bullies them too. They do not have adequate housing or warm clothes. Legree tries to manipulateTom. Howver his faith is strong and he resists. Tom's resistance makes Legree irate. He is enraged and says he'll kill Tom if he doesn't do what Legree wants of him.

Mr. Haley is a pragmatic and aggressive slave trader who had purchased Tom and Harry from Mr. Shelby. He tracks down slaves with dogs.

They are both in favor slave trade however Haley uses it to benefit economically while Legree hates the slaves and demands they treat him as if he is god.