Please comment on the film version of "Barn Burning" starring Tommy lee Jones. Is it close to the story?

epollock | Student

The film version is remarkably close to the short story. The life of the Snopes family on the mule-drawn wagon is particularly vivid in this film, as is the life in the log cabin (especially interesting, for example, is the patching of the outside wall), the beginning of the plowing, and the trip to the blacksmith-wheelwright. All of this is authentic Americana. Interesting scenes to notice are the view of Abner Snopes and his articulation of his ideas of justice, his behavior in the trial scenes, and his preparations to burn the De Spain barn; the scornfully gratuitous maltreatment of the rug; the way Sarty learns about his father’s background; the treatment of Sarty’s character; and the concluding scene in daylight the day after the burning of the De Spain barn.

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