What three elements of the Romantic Age are evident in Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

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The previous post was extremely thorough.  I would like to add one more element present in the poem.  The relationship with nature as being one where human beings must live in harmony with the creatures of consciousness is a profound one in the poem.  The killing of the albatross and the bad sense of karma that transpires because of it is not only radical for its time period, but one of the most profound elements of Romanticism.  Romantics believed in the natural setting, but they also stressed that there must be a synchronicity between humans and the world in which they inhabit.  At a time when individuals were appropriating the world in accordance to their own material subjectivity, such a belief was ahead of its time.  There is this social sensitivity that Coleridge is unabashed in showing and displaying, representative of Romantic thought and insightful in its essence.   It is through this...

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