What is the form of "Boring" by John Whitworth? Please could you give me as much information on the poem's form as possible?

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"Boring," by John Whitworth, is written in seven different stanza. The first five stanzas are written using six lines each. This six line stanza is called a sestet. The fifth stanza contains eight lines; this is called a octet. The final stanza is composed using only one line.

The rhyme scheme of the poem (defined by looking at the last word of each line) is as follows:

abcbdb efgfhf ijkjlj minioi pqrpst uvwxxxxx u.

The poem is written using enjambments (where a line of poetry continues onto the following line). Given that the thoughts of the speaker are separated into two lines per thought/sentence, this shows the use of an enjambment.

Outside of the above defined form, the poem is relatively a free verse. Rhyme is sporadic outside of each stanza, yet it it exists. The poem is relatively straightforward and concrete.

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