please arrange these in order on what should go first in order to establish a stable community.electrical engineering, computer science, civil engineering, applied chemistry, aeronotics, marine,...

please arrange these in order on what should go first in order to establish a stable community.

electrical engineering, computer science, civil engineering, applied chemistry, aeronotics, marine, automotive engineering, architecture, environmental engineering and mechanical engineering.

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charcunning eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What an interesting question!

For starters, people would need some sort of shelter, so I'd say architecture would have to be first. Next I'd go with civil engineering so that there would some sort of organization to the community. Next, I'd say a stable community would need electrical engineering, since most of the rest of the things on the list will require electricity to run or to create them. Then I think that mechanical engineering would be next followed by automotive engineering.  Applied chemsitry would be next followed by environmental engineering and then the last three: marine, aeronautic and computer engineering.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Wow. If you are describing how society is formed, I would begin with architecture and civil engineering, then agriculture, which involves environmental engineering and applied chemistry. Once we've built the city and planted the crops, we can move on to some of the others. Marine technology is usually needed for trade. That is also where aeronautics, automotive engineering, and mechanical engineering come into play.
epollock | Student

I would start with architecture--shelter comes first. Then applied chemistry, civil engineering for roads and bridges, then mechanical engineering to build better homes and centers. Electrical engineering for lighting is next, followed by eenvironmental engineering for sewage and heath policy.  Marine is next to obtain food from oceans. Automotive is next for mass transit. Computer science is next, then last is aeronautics.




krishna-agrawala | Student

When we speak of establishing a community we need to be clear about the distinction between forming a group of people that consider themselves a part of common community, and in establishing the physical facilities of the group. Also we need to differentiate between establishing a community and making it stable and longer lasting. Frequently action for maintaining stability continue to be important as long as the community lasts and not just during the process of establishment.

Looking at the various discipline listed it appears the question is about the physical facilities rater than people. This makes it like a construction project. In a typical construction project all such disciplines and activities progress more or less in parallel, rather than sequentially, one after other.