Please describe the hiring process.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a great deal to be said about the hiring process.  I will touch on two major aspects here.

First, there is the job description.  This is a vital step because a firm must write a good, accurate job description so as to be sure that it will attract applicants who are qualified for and who would be interested in the job that is actually open.

Second, there is the screening process.  Firms must take care that they screen applicants in ways that will truly help them to find the best employee.  They must ensure that they focus on qualifications that are truly relevant to the job at hand.  When they interview, they must ensure that the questions they ask will actually help to determine whether the applicant would be a good fit for the job.

The whole point of hiring is to get the best person for the job.  To do so, it is important to accurately describe the job and then to screen applicants for the sorts of qualifications and qualities that will actually help them to do the job well.