Which faculty position costs the university the most in "lost time"? Which day is the most costly for the university in terms of paying for this "lost time"? The data can be viewed at...

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First add the total minutes tardy upfor the whole week for each of the faculty positions.

                    mins tardy       pay per min (Rs.)        cost per week (Rs.)

Lecturers           91                 14.167                           1289.17

Asstt Profs       110                 16.25                            1787.50

Asso Profs       136                 17.083                           2323.33

Profs                 87                 18.333                           1595.00

Now convert the hourly pay rates to pay per minute (divide by sixty), then multiply the rate per minute by the number of minutes tardy in the whole week. This is an estimate of the cost per week for each faculty position.

Looking at the costs for the whole week, it seems that the Associate Profs cost the university the most in "lost time".

To work out which day of the week is most costly, calculate the cost per day for each faculty position by multiplying pay per minute by number of minutes tardy, and then sum over faculty positions for each day:

                         Mon          Tue            Wed          Thur           Fri

Lecturers          184.167     368.333     184.167     368.333     184.167

Asstt Profs       422.50       487.50       357.50       292.50       227.50

Asso Profs       495.417     239.167      478.333     529.583     580.833

Profs               0               146.667      110.000     183.333   1155.000

Total              1102.08     1241.67      1130.00     1373.75     2147.50

Therefore it seems that Friday is the most costly for the university, costing 2147.50 rupees.

The Associate Profs cost the university the most in "lost time".

The most costly day for the university in terms of paying for "lost time" is Friday,


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