Alfred Pellan worked in the style of which two very prominent cubist artists?

rakuyaki | Student

Cubism was an art movement in the early 1900s that is characterized by works that depict objects and space as geometric forms (cubes, cylinders, spheres, cones). The two most prominent cubist artists were the originators of the style, the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and the French artist Georges Braque. Canadian artist Alfred Pellan's (1906-1988) work might be said to resemble the work of Picasso and Braque, but it also has been compared to a movement that also originated in the early 1900s called Fauvism which emphasized the use of strong, vibrant color. The Fauves (French for "wild beasts") were led by French painter Henri Matisse. Interestingly, Georges Braque worked in the style of Fauvism prior to originating Cubism with Picasso.