Please answer the following question based on Death of a Salesman Act II about Willy and Charley's opinion. Do you agree with Willy, who believes that contacts and personality are what makes a salesman a success, or with Charley, who believes that a salesman must have confidence in his product and the ability to sell it?  Select an opinion to agree with an give evidence to support your belief.

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Certainly Charley has much more success in business than Willy, and there is much more stability in the value of the product than the personality of the salesman. It is difficult to assert, however, whether a salesman with real personality would be as successful or more successful than Willy. We have to remember that Willy has never been the dynamic peronality that he aspired to be. He has never been able to make great sales on his personal attributes alone. He has never made great sales - just scraped by.

It is a story told by Willy - so therefore not totally credible - but the life of Dave...

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