Please analyze the structure of the story "The Lady with Pet Dog" by Chekhov?

epollock | Student

"The Lady with the Dog" is an excellent story for the study of structure. The conflict is between Gurov’s reluctance to love and become involved, on the one hand, and his being drawn into love with Anna Sergeyevna and finally being consumed with it, on the other. Chekhov neatly divides the story into parts, so that Part I comprises an exposition, and Part II the beginning of the complication. The divisions after this point are more concerned with the time sequence and locations of the story, so that the crisis does not occur until paragraph 119, with the climax in paragraph 120. Some readers might claim that the crisis and climax occur earlier, at the intermission of the concert, in paragraphs 90-104. Either possibility would offer a reader the opportunity for comment about the shaping of the story.