Please analyze the quote below from Oedipus Rex: Jocasta:  "For the love of the gods, if you love your life, give up this search! My sickness is enough."  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This particular quote is vitally important.  At a point where Oedipus has committed himself to finding out the truth in order to help his citizens of Thebes, Jocasta approaches him to stop.  It is significant because it is one of the first moments where Oedipus' free will, shown to be unchecked and unlimited, is sought to be restrained by someone in his inner circle.  Jocasta approaches him as both wife and mother, someone in the position as an advisor for him to stop.  It is significant because previous attempts to guide Oedipus off his quest have been rebuffed as outsiders who failed to understand him.  Jocasta approaches him as a wife, and actually as mother.  She understands him all too well and her words are foreshadowing that his quest will result in consequences that are disastrous.  It marks the first time that Oedipus has to acknowledge what someone is saying that contradicts the spirit of free will and independence that has marked his character.  While he does not heed her words, on some level, they cast a figment of doubt, something that is tragically confirmed at the drama's end.