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Please analyze line by line the meaning and use of vowel/consonant sounds of the poem "Mushrooms" by Mary Oliver. 

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"Mushrooms" by Mary Oliver reflects on how mushrooms grow and the different forms they take. 

The first ten lines describe how mushrooms grow. The lines read,

Rain, and then
the cool pursed
lips of the wind
draw them
out of the ground -
red and yellow skulls
pummeling upward
through leaves, 
through grasses, 
through sand; (1-10)

The speaker explains how the rain and the wind play their parts in coaxing the mushrooms "out of the ground." The mushrooms are described as "red and yellow skulls," which gives them a humanlike quality. The mushrooms are "pummeling upward," which indicates the speed and force with which they develop. They move up "through leaves / through grasses / through sand" (8-10). The repetition of the word "through" and the repeated consonant ("T") and vowel ("ou") stylistically describes the growth process of the mushrooms.

In the middle of line 10, the next idea continues:

in their suddenness, 
their quietude, 
their wetness, they appear
on fall mornings, some

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