Please analyze the diction in "Jabberwocky" to make it more understandable to a modern reader.

epollock | Student

The “tale” of this short, ballad-like poem is that an unnamed hero goes forth, defeats the monstrous Jabberwock and returns victorious. The diction can very well be understood by the reader, especially one asks to prepare some thoughts about an ancient tale beforehand. When you think about the poem, one might think to consider how one can tell what part of speech (noun, verb, adjective) a specific word is supposed to be. The answer, of course, is that Carroll’s syntax defines the role of each  made-up word absolutely. Here are some of the more obvious contemporary words you might decipher: slithy = slippery + slithering + lively + lithe; toves = toads + doves; gimble = gambol + nimble; manxome = maximum + noxious + fearsome; galumphing = galloping + lumbering + lump; chortle = chuckle + snort (“Chortle” has become a popular word.)