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In Cinder by Marissa Meyer, cyborgs are individuals who have been given surgically inserted biomechanical implants, usually because of a serious injury or illness. These implants keep people alive but also automatically relegate them to a lower level of society. As soon as someone gets an implant, they are considered literally less human in the eyes of the society in the Eastern Commonwealth. Cyborgs have very limited rights and are legally considered the property of their families in the same way that fully robotic androids are. As a cyborg, the protagonist Cinder internalizes her society's discriminatory attitudes and sees herself as less worthy than others at the outset of the story.

As a result of the stigma surrounding cyborgs, Cinder vows to keep her true identity a secret and prevent people from finding out she's a cyborg. Even the shopkeepers she works near every day treat her with disdain when they realize what she is. It doesn't matter that she's the most respected...

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