Please analyze the character of Mrs. Wright in the Trifles play. 

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In the play Trifles  there is much conjecture to be made upon the character of Mrs. Wright, on one hand,  because she does not take active participation in the play and, on the other hand, because the motive for her crime is also learned by inductive and deductive analysis. The little information that we can gather comes from Mrs. Hale, who used to know the former Minnie Foster since before she had become Minnie Wright, at about twenty years prior.

From the description, we learn that Minnie Foster is your typical country-bound woman who carried on with the traditional activities that take place in remote and isolated places. We know that she "sang beautifully", and was apparently well-known among the other girls for Mrs. Hale seems to have a cherished recollection of Minnie Foster's ribbons, and flowers in her dress. Minnie was apparently also quite active in the community, as she is considered to be lively before her marriage.

From this information the reader can infer that Minnie...

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