Please analyze all ten sonnets in "Glanmore Sonnets" by Seamus Heaney.

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An analysis of ten poems is rather a lot to ask for in one question, but I shall offer you an analysis of the first five sonnets in the sequence, and hopefully from this analysis you will be able to follow the themes through the remaining five sonnets.

The Glanmore Sonnets, first published in 1979, are a thematically diverse collection of poems concerned for the most part with the relationship between art, the artist, and the natural world.

In the first sonnet of the sequence, Heaney posits an analogy between the natural world and the nature of art. He proposes that art is a “paradigm of earth new from the lathe.” The implication here is that the artistic process is, to continue the metaphor, about ploughing up new ground. Indeed, Heaney suggests that in his own art, his poetry, he has “gorge(d) the subsoil of each sense,” meaning that he has explored and examined the depths of his own senses, and perhaps his own emotions, in the process of writing poetry.

In the second sonnet,...

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