Please help me, I need this poem. I could not find it written on-line.      

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Once Upon a Twice is a children's book by Denise Doyan. The book was published by Random House in August of 2009.

With language which mirrors Carroll's "Jabberwocky", the tale's action takes place with the "eldermice" telling the younger mice to be cautious about playing at night. The eldermice warn the younger mice about the dangerous creatures who lurk in the woods and ponds. They caution the younger mice that the creatures of the night are dangerous to animals like them. Failing to adhere to the eldermice's warnings, Jam Boy decides to play by the pond at night. Suddenly, a snake comes out of the pond and pulls Jam Boy into the water. The fun for the listener comes as Jam Boy tries to get out of this predicament.

That being said, the only way to get the text to the book is by purchasing it. Posting the text to a site would clearly result in copyright infringement.

But, you can go to YouTube and find a young girl reciting the text. Unfortunately, this is the best that can be done.

wanderista | Student

A good analysis of the poem, literaturenerd.

I won't add anymore information (as it is pretty accurate), but here is an alternative link for the poem "Once Upon A Twice" (or, the best one I could find). - It's an 11 year old boy acting and performing the poem. It's quite hard to understand what he is saying, but thankfully there are the words (the lyrics) on the screen. The blog says the boy won an International award for his recital.

Also, a helpful (although, aimed at a younger audience) guide I found can also assist on understanding the text further:

Hopefully, these help you a little more.

daywriter | Student

Writer/Educator Ralph Fletcher focuses on this poem in his chapter on word play and word invention in his book "Pyrotechnics on the Page -- Playcraft that Sparks Writing." (He includes only the first two stanzas, though.)

Since "Once Upon a Twice" was a Junior Library Guild selection (which is sort of like the Public Library Systems own book club) -- you have a good chance of finding it at a local library.

Also there is a great long review and breakdown of it by a literary sort, M. Allen Greenbaum, on amazon reviews. He includes a few stanzas as well.

I use this book/poem in conjunction with Carroll's Jabberwocky and Lear's body of work, when I do my presentation on nonsense poetry. It is a wonderful contemporary example.

Oh there is an on-going You Tube recitation "contest" for this poem.  If you promise to post a rendition, I believe the author will send you the text. One of my students did a video. Worth a try?

Good luck.


saleogirl | Student

the poem is

once upon a twice