In As You Like It, what is Duke Senior's attitude toward his life in the Forest of Arden?

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Duke Senior takes his banishment to the Forest of Arden by his evil brother, Duke Frederick, very much in stride.  Shakespeare wrote him to be a good, kind man - one who does not seek to use his power to subject and control other people.  He takes to his life in the forest very well, enjoying the fact that the natural environment does not suck up to him with "flattering ambition" as people at court are prone to do.

Check the links below for more information, especially the link to other characters' descriptions.  Look for Duke Senior under "Senior" on that page.  Good luck!

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Though duke senior is away from his daughter and the court life, he is satisfied and fulfilled with his life in the forest . He says that they are living in the forest baring the penalty of Adam life the cold weather but he feels that they are Councillor or advisers pointing at the weakness of humans. He says that , the life in forest which is away from the public place is sweet and happy .  he finds books in running streams , sermons in stones and good in every thing.he is happy being away from the painted pomp filled with envy and jealously.

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