In the play Trifles, how was Mrs. Wright like the canary?

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prof19010 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the play Trifles, Mrs. Wright was similar to the canary. First off, she loved singing when she was younger. She sang with the choir and really enjoyed it. When she got married, her husband hated the sound of music/her singing and somehow made her stop.

Like the canary, Mrs. Wright was in a cage. Her marriage acted as a cage because her husband was so controlling and an unfriendly person. Remember, the women discuss how miserable of a man he was, so Mrs. Wright's marriage was like the cage in which the canary was kept.

She bought the canary to replace the singing that was stolen from her by her husband and to have a little bit of cheer in her life. When he killed the small bird, it was the same as how he killed her happiness, in a way. That is what caused her to get revenge by killing him.


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