In the play it says, "The truth in the pleasent disguise of illusion." How are they illusions and how are the characters illusions?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Glass Menagerie is full of illusions.  Each main character in the play is living an illusion of some sort.  Amanda, for example, tries to live through Laura.  Amanda wants and longs to recapture her younger days when she was more attractive and when she was taking "gentlemen callers."  She isn't dealing with the fact that Laura has serious issues with being away from home (she is a recluse) and that Tom shouldn't be playing a "father" role.  Amanda forgets that Tom is still young and that he should be able to live his life and follow his dreams of being a poet.  Tom is living an illusion because he is escaping his own miserable world through going to the movies.  The movies allow him to live in someone else's world for a few hours and he doesn't have to think about his hounding mother and desperately shy sister who he feels responsible for taking care of.  Finally, Laura lives in her own world of illusions through her glass collection.  Her only real happiness is her glass collection and she lights up when she discusses it with Jim, the young man that Tom brings home from work for dinner.  She is very proud of her glass collection and if she could, she would immerse herself in it permanently, but she cannot because she must face reality every day.

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