In the play The Lion and the Jewel, what is the role of Sadiku in the love circle?

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Sadiku is the senior wife of the Bale in the play The Lion and the Jewel. Baroka sends Sadiku to the village with orders to woo the village belle, Sidi, and convince Sidi to marry him. Sadiku does her best to convince Sidi that she will enjoy a blissful life with Baroka, and even mentions that Baroka will probably die soon. However, Sidi refuses to marry Baroka, and rejects the Bale's invitation to join him for supper. Sadiku is unsuccessful and returns to the Bale to give him the news of Sidi's rejection. Baroka cunningly tells Sadiku that he is impotent, knowing that Sadiku will gossip about his condition. Sadiku swears to keep it a secret, but as soon as she enters the town, she sings praises about Baroka's impotence. Sadiku tells Sidi about Baroka's condition, and Sidi agrees to attend Baroka's dinner because she wishes to make fun of him, and is no longer worried about the Bale's seductive powers. Sadiku is essentially a pawn in Baroka's game of wooing Sidi. She believes that Baroka is actually impotent and shares his "secret" with the town, just as he expected her to. After Sidi loses her virginity to Baroka, Sidi tells Sadiku what happened, and Sadiku tells her to cheer up.

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