In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, what mistaken assumptions lead to Cassius’s death?

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In Act V, Scene 3, Cassius makes several false assumptions that lead to his death.  While he is in the mountains with his friend Titinius and servant Pindarus, they look down at his army's camp and see a fire.  Cassius wrongly assumes Antony's men have overtaken his camp and set it on fire.  Still,  he sends Titinius to see if this is in fact the case.  Since Cassius has poor eyesight, he asks Pindarus to tell him what is happening to Titinius.  Pindarus wrongly assumes Titinius has been taken prisoner by the enemy army.  Feeling that his cause is lost and depressed because he sent his good friend off to his likely death, he orders Pindarus to stab him to death.  Pindarus obeys and is now a free man.  However, Cassius lays dead because he jumped to conclusions and made assumptions instead of first finding out what really happened.