In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, in Scene 2, what does Calphurnia try to persuade Caesar to do and why?

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hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Scene 2 of Act II, Caphurnia tries to persuade Caesar to stay home rather than to go to the Capitol to be crowned King.  She says she has had bad dreams and that there have been many omens that suggest he will die if he goes to the Capitol.  Some of these omens include a female lion giving birth on the streets, dead people coming out of their graves, and ghosts flying through the streets of Rome.  She says these things only happen when a great man is about to die.

Though skeptical at first, Caesar decides to obey Calphurnia's wishes and stay home.  That is until one of the conspirators, Decius Brutus, arrives at Caesar's house and convinces him that those omens prove it will be a glorious day for Caesar.  Caesar believes Decius' explanation and sets off for the Capitol despite Calphurnia's attempt to persuade him to stay.

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