In the play J.B., what keeps Sarah from killing herself?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sarah was unable to commit suicide because her love for life was too strong for her to take her own. She also loved her husband dearly and realized that, although she could not save him, her only option was to stay by his side.

"I loved you. I couldn’t help you anymore. You wanted justice and there was none –Only love." - Sarah

Sarah was unable to endure the suffering that was directed to her family by God. She had lost her son David from friendly fire. She underwent another tragic ordeal when her son Jonathan and daughter Mary were killed by a drunk driver. At this point she resorted to despair and questioned God’s reasons for the event.

The couple was later visited by two policemen who informed them that Rebecca, their youngest daughter, was raped and killed by a drug addict. At that point Sarah moved beyond desperation and accused God of killing her children.

Her husband, on the other hand, remained faithful to God and exalted his name. J.B. was convinced that their ordeal was a punishment from God and that the family deserved their situation. Sarah was appalled by his conclusion and left her home to commit suicide. She was unable to go through with it and returned to be by her husband’s side.