In the play Fences what is the meanig of the title?

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The idea of "Fences" helps to explain the relationships that surround Troy.  Simply put, there seems to be a barrier between he and the entire world.  The "fences" that exist between Troy and his world involve the perceived and actual presence of social and economic discrimination and a lack of opportunity, as well as the emotional "fences" in his own upbringing that impact him greatly.  At the same time, these emotional "fences" help to prevent him from embracing his wife and son in the manner that allows him comfort.  The "fences" that he builds to ward off death are done so in vain.  When he is sitting in his backyard talking, one sees the physical presence of a "fence" as demarcating a realm where there is some level of freedom that he experiences, but in the end, "fences" come to define much of Troy's existence.

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