In the play, "Fences" How can the characters of Troy and Cory be compared and contrasted?  Troy's character and Cory's character

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one level of comparison is that both Cory and Troy have to deal with adversity.  This challenge is caused by social and economic hardships.  Another comparison that I see between both of them is that because of this condition, struggle is something that is apparent in both.  There is little evidence of an easy life for both of them.  Neither of them enjoy vast amounts of wealth, enjoy the privilege of someone taking care of them, and must earn whatever is theirs in this life.  I think that significant differences lie in this realm.  Cory is one who is able to understand that while struggle is evident, it should not weigh him down to the point where bitterness results.  Troy is bitter.  The weight of life's ruptured hopes, the condition of his own consciousness as one where there has been disappointment and heartache has helped to make a human being who fails to understand transcendence of happiness and redemption as evident.  Belonging to a younger generation, Cory is one who does find hope and the power to overcome adversity with a spirit of progressivism, something that the conditions of life have withered away in his father.