In the play The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin Mc Donagh, how and why does Mauree kill Mag, and do Pato and Maureen move to Boston?

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The relationship between mother and daughter is an abusive one on both sides.  Mag has destroyed any chance Maureen had for happiness since she does not want to die alone.  It is clear that Maureen's sisters have escaped.   Maureen, for her part, is cruel to her mother knowing that the old woman has destroyed her life.  When she interferes with her relationship with Pato it is the last straw.

Maureen arrived too late and missed Pato who moves on with his new life in Boston with Delores Hooley.  That she got to Pato in time and he had invited her to move to Boston happens only in her mind.

The end of the play implies that she will become just like her mother only there is nobody to take care of her.

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