An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley

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In the play An Inspector Calls, what is Mr Birling's attitude towards the Inspector?

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When we are introduced to Mr Birling, he comes across as a man who is quite pompous and arrogant. He is impressed by his status and the fact that he is on the cusp of furthering his prestige since he is due to be awarded a knighthood. He is opinionated and clearly believes that he is worldly-wise, as he freely dispenses advice to his son, Eric, and their guest, Gerald Croft, who has just announced his engagement to Sheila Birling. The family and Gerald have been celebrating the occasion when Inspector Goole arrives.

Mr Birling's response to the inspector is initially quite convivial and he offers him something to drink. The inspector refuses, saying that he is on duty. Mr Birling wastes no time in informing the inspector of his importance:

... I was an alderman for years—and lord mayor two years ago—and I’m still on the bench—so I know the Brumley police offices pretty well—and I thought I’d never seen you before.

Mr Birling assumes that the inspector is there for legal...

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