How is wisdom defined by the Socratic character in Plato's "Apology"?

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The specific definition of wisdom given by Plato's "Apology" is in fact the subject of much debate, but it has some relatively clear elements. First, Socrates’ wisdom is contrasted with the boasting of many elites surrounding him. Whereas Socrates reacts with surprise to the assertion that he his exceptionally wise, others claim knowledge they do not have. This suggests that part of wisdom is humility and being grounded in a sense of what one knows and what one doesn't know. In addition to the importance of humility and self-knowledge, Plato suggests that wisdom is not just factual knowledge but is knowing how to "live well." Knowing how to live well would probably be the best succinct definition of wisdom to extract from Plato's "Apology," however the other elements are also important.

In "Apology," Socrates understands wisdom largely in terms of self-awareness concerning one's own ignorance. He describes an episode by which a friend of his asked the Oracle at Delphi whether there...

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