Is plastic surgery is a high risk in medical terms? Please help me by proving it is so.A good and solid answers and facts please and thank you :)

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dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are different categories and classifications of plastic surgery. Some of these procedures are termed minimally invasive. A good example of a minimally invasive or minor procedure is a subcutaneous injection of botox. Other procedures performed by plastic surgeons are more invasive and carry substantially more risk. One example of this type of invasive procedure is breast augmentation. BA is a riskier procedure because the patient usually undergoes general anesthesia. Also, a good rule of thumb is that the more invasive a procedure is, the higher the likelihood of postoperative infection. Minimally invasive procedures have much less propensity for infection and postoperative complications.

Another factor to consider when speaking of risk is the physicians success rate for the procedure. In other words, a procedure for one practitioner may be relatively risk free but for a different practitioner performing the same procedure could be classified as high risk.

jaebenedict | Student

Yes. There are several plastic surgery types available. The visual appearance you will get after the surgery lasts for the rest of your life.  Generally it is wise to have a consultation with the plastic surgeons so that you can get the right answers for your health concerning queries. Most of the time a consultation with the surgeons helps to identify the best procedures for your surgical needs and also to make a good decision.

viviant | Student

I have included a website from which to get statistical information if you want to read it. :)