Do plants only have to be grown by sunlight, can they be grown with a flashlight? 

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Plants will grow under artificial light sources, such as the light produced by a flashlight. However, plants grow better under the natural light of the sun.

There are key differences between the light produced by the sun and the light produced by a flashlight that cause plants to grow better under natural light. These differences are identified and explained below.

1.      The sun emits more light than a single flashlight.

2.      The wavelengths emitted from the flashlight are different than the wavelengths that are emitted from the light of the sun. The sun’s spectrum of light is the spectrum under which plants evolved and, therefore, grow the best under. The sun emits more light within the red and blue spectrum than a flashlight. Julie Day explains that blue wavelengths of light induce plant foliage growth, whereas red wavelengths of light induce flowering and fruiting.

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