plagiarismHow deal with plagiarism effects on the human being?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Plagiarism does impact students', in particular, because of its shortcut nature.  It is a challenge to be able to relay to students that it takes away from their dignity.  It's challenging to stress this because many students are conditioned to believe that their learning centers only around the letter grade.  I think it's an easier sell in Middle School to be able to stress the value of learning, the intrinsically powerful notion of scholarship, the value of ethical integrity within one's work.  It is difficult, but it can be sold easier than my experience of selling it with high school students, who are bound in a world of grades, G.P.A., class rank, and the hope of college acceptance.  I think students tend to confuse the value of process and product, deifying the latter and denigrating the former.  It might be a tough sell, but a sell that must be made, nevertheless.