What was the town of Vanity Fair in The Pilgrim's Progress established by demons to do from the choices below? 1. analyze the feelings of the townspeople 2. lie in the pilgrim’s path 3. criticize the bishops in town 4. criticize the church elders Also, what is the central theme in The Pilgrim's Progress from the list below? A. worldly amusements are important. B. material wealth does not compare to the glory of entering heaven. C. Vanity Fair is not thought provoking. D. Satan’s pride and self-importance is not meaningful.  

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John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress is an extended allegory for a Christian's journey through the world to Heaven.  The protagonist is aptly named Christian, and along his journey he faces various difficulties and obstacles that threaten to make him stray from his path to the Celestial City.  One of these obstacles is the town of Vanity and the town's fair, which serves, like other places in the story such as the Hill of Difficulty and the Valley of the Shadow of Death, simply to lie in the pilgrim's path; so, that would be the answer to your first question.  The message that Christian learns in Vanity Fair relates to the message of The Pilgrim's Progress as a whole, which is that material wealth (like Christian could have obtained at Vanity Fair) does not compare to the glory of entering Heaven.

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