To whom does Piggy explain to Ralph that Jack is dangerous in "Lord of the Flies"?it is in chapter 5 but where?

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Close to the end of chapter 5, Piggy tells Ralph that if Jack were chief, they'd all be hunters, there'd be no signal fire, and they'd all be on the island until they died. He tells Ralph that Jack hates him because Ralph is chief and Jack isn't.  Piggy goes on to tell Ralph that Jack can't hurt him (Ralph), but if Ralph were gone, Jack would hurt him (Piggy).  Piggy says that Jack is a threat to everyone on the island because he wants to be the supreme dictator, not a democratic leader such as Ralph is.  Piggy says that Jack is especially dangerous to him, Piggy.  Piggy sees, before the naive Ralph does, that Jack wants complete control and that Jack is dangerous to all of them.