A picture of Lord and Lady Capulet?

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Lord Capulet is very hot-headed, arrogant and has no regard for anyone but himself.  It is his way or no way. He is defintiely a male chauvenist.  This can be seen when he tells Juliet she will marry Paris or be disowned in Act III, Scene 3.  Lady Capulet has no warmth or motherly feeling. The nurse was the one who raised Juliet so her maternal instincts are lacking. Her marriage is dysfunctional and for convenience, who knows what love and marriage is at the age of 13 years.  This is typical of arranged marriages between families.  She also tells Juliet to Marry Paris or she is done with her.

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If you're looking for a literal picture of these historical figures, I'm afraid that since they are fictional, there wouldn't be such a thing.

If you're looking for illustrations of how people have imagined them, or of how individual actors have played them, pictures like that are available.

Please see the following for such illustrations.

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