Help me organize an essay for or against  literary post-modernism as a global movement.

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The following tips should help you write your essay:

First, research into post-modernism. Post-modern writers, including poets, resort to literary devices such as parody, pastiche, alterity, and intertextuality. Their works tend to be hypertexts, i.e. based on earlier works by other authors.

Authors from three different continents: Roberto Bolaño (South America; there are English translations), Milan Kundera (Europe, also in translation), Tanure Ojaide (Africa, English translations available.)

You will probably come to the conclusion that post-modernism is a global movement because of its deep connections with post-colonialism. Post-modern poets intend to show the true roots and feelings of their countries of origin as opposed to the biased depictions of the respective colonial periods. For example, notice that in the case of Kundera, the Czech Republic was under USSR domination between 1945 and 1989. Although colonization and domination are not exactly the same, they share a methodology: the suppresion of fundamental liberties.

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